Introducing the Eye-Flex video magnifier!

                                    System Features/Functionalities:

The system comes standard with a 19" monitor (optional 24”HD monitor/TV available.)

                                      Magnification from 1x to 100x.

                                The Highest Definition/Clarity available.
"Goose-Neck" design provides the ability to bend/shape stand into any configuration.

            Camera head can easily be moved for close up or distance viewing.

                                       Freeze and Real Time viewing.

                             Storage of up to 80 images/documents.

                                                                                  Picture/document slide show mode.

                                                                                  Simplistic remote control operation.

                                                                                  Pan a document using the remote, no X-Y table needed.

                                                                                  View in color, black & white or negative.

                                                                                  Easily transported, camera weight is approx. 5-lbs
                                                                           "      Place- Mat" for proper setting/location - included.
                                                                                  Padded carrying case - included.
                                                                                  5-year support/warranty for EYE-FLEX unit
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