Eye-Scan Unlimited for the Power User!

The power user is best suited for the Unlimited model
of the Eye-Scan Reader. Macro and micro-navigation
allow for a detailed review of all saved documents.
The Eye-Scan Unlimited offers 10 file folders for saving
an unlimited number of pages for archival, studying or
continuous updating and re-use. The Eye-Scan Unlimited
comes with a personal MP3 player for exporting all your
saved documents in MP3 format for listening on the go!

Eye-Scan Unlimited Features

Read in Column or Tabular Mode.

Export electronic text files to Flash Drive.  

Outstanding sound quality.

                                                                   World class scanning accuracy.

                                                                     Twenty two operation keypad.

                                                                     Macro and Micro-navigation.

                                                          Allows 100s of  pages to be scanned per file.

                                                AT&T Natural Voices speech engine - 2 voices included.
                                                                   Personal MP3 player included.
Eye-Scan Unlimited
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