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MobilEyes Professional
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Guerilla Technologies is announcing the release of their Professional Model of MobilEyes
Portable OCR Plus.  The Professional Model adds complete Laptop Computer services to the
already impressive list of devices encompassed in MobilEyes Basic, released last year.

A full Intel Processor drives the Windows Based Professional Desktop Environment, utilizing
nearly 3 times the RAM memory of cell phone devices or PDA's. Your favorite Screen Reader
or Magnification Software can easily be loaded onto MobilEyes Professional [Low Vision
Users can utilize the 7" viewable screen or project to any viewing source]. Refreshable
Braille Displays are also supported. Full sized Qwerty keys make accessing the computer
functions easy and natural.  There is no need to keep track of multiple storage media cards
since MobilEyes has up to 40 times the storage capacity as mini handhelds. However, one
Compact Flash and two USB 2.0 ports are available if needed. WI-FI, Blue tooth, and LAN
connectivity are all available as well as GPS [optional].

While MobilEyes is ready for everyday use, The Professional Model meets the demanding
needs of the student as well as the business person.
image/ keyboard and cover
image/ cd read and write
image/ mobileyes professional hard carry case
MobilEyes Basic
The answer to portable reading, magnification, and multi-media access.
For those with visual impairment, everyday things like grocery shopping,
eating out at a restaurant, browsing through a photo album,
or reading mail and important correspondence can be challenging albeit difficult.

Relying on an available friend, family member, or paid assistant with
better vision is not always practical, or even desirable.
Now with the use of two controls, one under each of your thumbs
you can navigate MobilEyes through any of the following functions:
Aim at a piece of paper and listen to the words found on it.
View objects 100 feet away as though they were up to ten times closer.
Photo-capture a scene and enlarge the picture to see all its detail.
Play music stored on your device or from a friend’s external media.
Listen to an audio book of your own or from another source.
Magnify the image of your personal check and watch yourself sign it properly.
View and share your photos with others.
Speak an important message into the device and listen to the recording later.
Record a class or lecture and share the playback of it with classmates.
Set for yourself countdown timer to know when turn off the oven.
Read electronic documents downloaded or produced onto compact flash or USB.
Go into a grocery store and ‘scan’ a UPC bar code to hear the product information.
Listen again and again to text you scanned and saved from long ago.
Play a CD audio book or a music CD at your leisure.

MobilEyes is the Hand held Portable Reading Machine that combines the many functions of
several different devices into one package.  
Performing the functions of nine different devices and counting, for less than half the cost
and a fraction of the weight, MobilEyes has become one of the greatest established values,ever.
It is the perfect reading device for Blind, Low Vision and Dyslexic individuals.
MobilEyes can recognize text in less than 10 seconds.
MobilEyes can recognize text displayed from TV's, Projectors, Computer Monitors
(Even  DOS text and text based formats including non accessible PDF files.
MobilEyes dimensions are 9 inches wide X 5.5 inches high X 3.5 inches deep* [4 inches
deep while actively taking pictures]. Weight is 2.5 lbs.
MobilEyes Basic  $3500.00 (Shipping not Included)
MobilEyes Professional $5000.00 (Shipping not
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