Guerilla Technologies will be previewing the newest addition to our line
of products, the ULTIMA©.at the upcoming CSUN Conference.  We are
very pleased to be providing demonstrations at our valued partner
MaxiAids, booth # 323.  We sincerely believe that we have responded
to the requirements of the reading impaired community by developing
products that are mobile, affordable, leverage the latest advancements
in technology and appeal to all age demographics.  

Quite simply, you have NEVER seen a Low Vision Reading Machine
like the ULTIMA©.

We believe we have captured all the latest technology, while maintaining a variety of simplistic
user interfaces collectively creating the machine of tomorrow, today.  We have combined a Low
Vision and Reading machine with touch screen and keypad navigation.  We have remained
cognizant to the desire for mobility, ease of use and system features.  

                                                                             Some of the following specifications are:

·                                                                              The system comes standard with a 16” self contained monitor/cpu

·                                                                                                         Magnification to 18 times
                                                                                                    Currency identification            
·                                                                                                      Touch screen magnification

·                                                                                                      Simplistic keypad operation

·                                                                                                Weighs 7-lbs. (including the monitor)

·                                                                                                      Multiple language availability
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