About Us
Guerilla Technologies believes that the best technology should
be accessible to everyone in the world.  We continuously search for the best and
latest technology to bring to the print disabled community.

Guerilla Technologies was formed by 3 seasoned professionals from the
blindness and medical industry. We utilize our 100+ years of experience to form
professional partnerships, design and develop world-class products and
guaranty the highest quality products in the market today.

The Next Generation in Text to Speech Solutions.
ed in 2002 with the goal of minimizing the gap between the release of new
commercial technology and the availability of related assistive technology, Guerilla
Technologies produces eleven products within two product families for persons with
low vision or blindness. Guerilla Technologies’ primary focus has been OCR
(Optical Character Recognition) applied to home, work and travel environments.

However, an underlying theme has prevailed in all their developed products,
namely,“multi-tasking”. Whether you’re talking about stationary or portable reading
machines, no other company has produced devices with as many types of media
recognition or auxiliary functions.  This has accounted for the meteoric rise of the
company in just a few short years of operation.

Within their combined 60+ years in the Assistive Technology field, the founders
have worked with both pioneers and powerhouses of the industry. Although the
professional histories of Guerilla Technologies founders’ include Blazie
Engineering, GE Medical, Motorola, GM AC/Delco, Gerber, and Colt, they
recognize the tremendous importance of the Blind and Low Vision Community’s
experience and opinions.  Extensive research and a dedication to utilizing the
results of that research has been a fundamental part of their design decisions.
Guerilla Technologies Inc.                                                                                                        "The eyes to your world"
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